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How to choose the model of LED display

January 26, 2021

The choice of LED display should not only consider the environment, outdoor or indoor, the waterproof level is different, but also an important point is the product size, which will directly affect the layout and normal use, then we are choosing How to determine the size and model of the equipment during purchase? Let’s take a look at the specific method:

The distance between the observation position and the installed display is the visual distance. This distance is very important. It directly determines the model of the display you choose. Generally, the indoor full-color display model is divided into p1.9, P2, P2.5, P3, p4, etc., outdoor full-color display models are divided into P4, P5, P6, P8, p10, etc., these are conventional, such as pixel screen, bar screen, special-shaped screen and other specifications and models are not Same, I only talk about conventional ones. The number behind P is the distance between the lamp beads, in millimeters. Generally, the small value of our visual distance is equivalent to the size of the number behind P. That is, the distance of P10 is “10 meters. This method is only a rough estimate!

There is also a more scientific and specific method, which is to use the density of lamp beads per square. For example, if the dot density of P10 is 10000 dots/square, the distance is equal to 1400 divided by (the square root of the dot density). For example, P10 is 1400/10000 square root = 1400/100=14 meters, that is, the distance to observe the P10 display is 14 meters away!

The above two methods directly determine the specifications of the selected LED display, that is, customers must pay attention to two points when purchasing:

1. The environment where the display screen is located.

2. The distance between the observation position and the display position. Only by understanding these can you choose a display screen that matches your environment and achieves satisfactory results.

The above has clearly introduced the method of determining the model when purchasing an LED display. It mainly depends on the environment of the device and the distance from the observation position to the display. In addition to the purchase of this device, in addition to the model, we also Need to consider the type, waterproof effect and other aspects, so as to choose a satisfactory product.

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