How to choose the power supply of LED display

LED display screen is indispensable in our lives. For it, the power supply is a very important component. We should pay special attention to the choice of power supply in the selection of equipment. This article will share with you how to choose the power supply. :

1. Choose the power supply whose life is matched with the LED chip, and the life of the driving power supply should match the life of the LED display chip as much as possible.

2. Observe the temperature rise of the power supply to select the LED display power supply. The temperature rise affects the stability and life of the power supply. The lower the temperature rise, the better. In addition, it can also be seen from the efficiency that the general high temperature rise of efficiency will be small.

3. Choose from the full-load efficiency. The efficiency of the power supply is an important indicator. The high-efficiency power supply has a high energy conversion rate, which not only meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, but also saves electricity and money for users.

4. Choose the LED display power supply from the appearance process. A good power supply manufacturer is also very strict on the workmanship, because this can ensure the consistency of the product batch. And an irresponsible manufacturer, the appearance, tin surface, and neatness of the components of the power supply produced will not be good.

That is to say, the choice of LED display power supply needs to pay attention to the temperature rise during work, the power supply efficiency, and the appearance. See clearly how the equipment manufacturer is, so that the correct model can be selected under the premise of selecting the quality, so that the display can be made Work better and play a role. I hope the above content can be helpful to everyone.

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