How to deal with the fierce competition in the LED electronic display market

May 17, 2021

At present, Shenzhen LED electronic display companies have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain, mainly with advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, even to the extent of flooding. Moreover, competition in the LED display market in Shenzhen has intensified, and most of the mid-to-high-end product market share is occupied by foreign companies. In the face of fierce market competition, Shenzhen LED display manufacturers can consider facing challenges from the following seven aspects:

1. my country’s LED display screens should develop in the direction of product intelligence, digitization, full automation, energy saving and green environmental protection.

2. Strengthen the efforts of product promotion, and strengthen the exhibition and media display and promotion work.

3. Pay attention to brand strategy and boutique strategy. Soberly understand the company’s position in the entire industrial chain, concentrate resources, and make your most advantageous products.

4. For products with different marketing strategies, different marketing methods and strategies are adopted.

5. Sufficient knowledge and grasp of the target market of the product. Because the target market is not clear, it will lead to confusion in the production planning of the company, loss of R&D direction, and difficulty in obtaining sufficient developmentspace.

6. Clarify achievable business objectives. Combining the short-term and long-term development strategies of the company, set actual business goals respectively.

7. Research and development of new product technologies and increase awareness of intellectual property protection have made breakthroughs in research and development. For processing enterprises, there is still a lot of room for development in terms of production technology, product design, practical patented inventions, energy saving and environmental protection design, engineering realization and other related comprehensive supporting software and hardware implementations.

At present, my country will not only be a big country in the production of LED electronic displays, but also a strong country in the production of LED displays. Increasing investment in patented technology, product innovation and process innovation is the key to improving the quality of our LED displays. Raise awareness of patent protection.

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