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According to the survey, 60% of the common failures of the LED display are caused by insufficient heat dissipation of the heat pipe, and the blinds of the LED light bar screen have the same structure to improve the heat dissipation characteristics of the heat pipe and reduce the probability of common failures. Moreover, the traditional LED display screen must be disassembled from behind, so the way of maintenance is different. The light bar screen can be disassembled and installed on the back of the display screen immediately with common fault light bars, and there is no need to build and repair safety Passage, maintenance is more convenient.

In fact, the total area requirements of ordinary outdoor advertising screens are not easily as large as landmark buildings, and the market demand for ultra-display outdoor billboards accounts for a relatively small proportion of all outdoor advertising screens. At the same time, the traditional The installation difficulty factor and customer satisfaction of the LED outdoor advertising screens are also low. The usual outdoor advertising billboard LED displays can only be considered, which promotes the advantages of LED light bar screens not to appear particularly prominent. In addition, as a non-enclosed structure of the LED display, the light bar screen is not as resistant as the traditional shell-type display, which is generally widely recognized. There is no doubt that outdoor LED screens will inevitably endure the sun and rain for a long time, and endurance has become a very critical requirement for this type of commodity. The open structure makes the light bar screen at the level of moisture-proof and anti-fouling. The characteristics are not as convincing as the traditional LED display, which undoubtedly limits the use of the LED light bar screen.

Following the development trend of urbanization and productization, the market demand for outdoor short-distance display information has just begun to increase, and the dot pitch of the shell-type LED display has long established a technological innovation with a dot pitch of less than 3mm, which can consider the requirements of close-up viewing. , It is very suitable for applications in the field of outdoor close display information. However, for the LED light bar screen with hollow carved characteristics at the point of death, the picture quality is obviously inadequate that it cannot get rid of. This means that the main use of outdoor close-up is that the LED light bar screen cannot be set foot after all.

Perhaps the small outdoor space can not constitute a hazard to the LED light bar screen, and the emergence of the LED transparent display will greatly divide the main purpose sales market of the LED light bar screen. The fully transparent LED display has become the fourth most popular display information product in recent years with its translucent, beautiful and generous characteristics. Its 80%-98% translucent rate greatly reduces the appearance of the LED display for engineering buildings. The harm. So many such outstanding advantages make the LED light bar screen span the basic LED screen in an instant and become the preferred LED display screen for laminated glass engineering buildings. In recent years, the management methods of outdoor billboards in big cities have become more and more stringent. It’s hard to control the problem of dismantling basic outdoor LED display screens in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Qingdao. Under the condition of such scarcity of outdoor billboard resources, the emergence of outdoor LED displays has enriched the types of outdoor media. I firmly believe that under the condition that its sales market recognition will gradually increase in the future, fully transparent LED displays and outdoor LEDs The confrontation in the middle of the display will become more fierce!

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