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The basic method of outdoor LED billboard maintenance and reinforcement

April 25, 2021

Because the strength of steel is higher than other common engineering materials, the main support structure of outdoor LED billboards is usually made of steel materials. In the open air environment, steel materials are easily oxidized and cause corrosion due to factors such as temperature, humidity, and harmful substances. Severe corrosion can greatly reduce the load-resistance ability of steel components. Therefore, we need to Maintenance and reinforcement of outdoor LED billboards. The following Terence Electronics will briefly introduce the maintenance and reinforcement methods of outdoor LED billboards.

1. Foundation expansion method: increase the area of the bottom foundation of outdoor LED billboards by setting concrete enclosures or reinforced concrete enclosures, and change the uneven foundation settlement caused by the small base area of the billboards and insufficient bearing capacity.

2. Pit-type underpinning method: directly pour concrete after digging a pit under the underpinned foundation.

3. Pile underpinning method: The method of using various types of piles such as static pressure columns, driven piles, and cast-in-place piles to be used for foundation reinforcement at the lower part or on both sides of the billboard foundation.

4. Grouting underpinning method: Inject chemical grout evenly into the foundation, and cement and solidify the original loose soil or cracks through these grouts, so as to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation, waterproof and impermeable.

Correction is to use artificial means to reversely tilt the inclined foundation to achieve the purpose of correcting the tilt of the outdoor LED billboard. The commonly used methods for rectifying the foundation of outdoor billboards are as follows:

1. Emergency landing correction method: Take measures to prevent subsidence on one side of the outdoor LED billboard foundation with more subsidence, and take emergency landing measures on the other side. The methods of forced landing include: loading steel ingots or stones, building cantilever beams, digging out the soil, and rectifying deviations by water injection.

2. Lifting correction method: At the place where the foundation of the inclined billboard has a large subsidence, adjust the lifting amount of each part of the billboard to make it rotate along a certain point or a certain straight line to achieve the purpose of restoring the original position.

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