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What are the benefits of led street light with lifting system?

March 12, 2021

When it comes to led street lights, I believe many people are familiar with it. They are mainly used on both sides of our roads to illuminate the roads. Generally speaking, led street lights are divided into lifting led street lights and fixed led street lights. The difference between these two types of led street lights is that one type has a lifting system and the other type does not. So, what are the benefits of led street light with lifting system? The following editor will give you a brief introduction.

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1. Easy to check and repair

Because LED street lights are large-scale lighting equipment, the normal height is above 15 meters, whether it is maintenance or daily maintenance is relatively difficult, especially for maintenance workers. If the led street light has a lifting system, it can be adjusted according to the led street light panel to slide the crane to the bottom end, so that maintenance personnel can perform maintenance work at the low end, which not only saves worry, but also reduces risks.

2. Improve the service life of led street lights

As the height continues to deepen, maintenance personnel can continue to perform maintenance work on led street lights, and more and more inspection personnel are willing to do maintenance work. For example, during maintenance, you can check whether the appearance is normal at the plug-in location and whether there is a problem. After the maintenance is completed, you can also judge whether the LED street light is in a normal state by observing the integrity of the plug-in location. As long as the plug-in position is underground and does not need to be upgraded again, the LED street lamp can be judged and inspected according to the plug-in position, thereby improving the life of the LED street lamp.

Regarding the question of what are the benefits of the LED street light belt lifting system, in addition to the above 2 points, the lifting LED street light is also conducive to adjusting the angle of illumination, so that the illuminated area of the illuminated area is more uniform, thereby reducing light pollution to the environmental space.

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