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What is the difference between led spherical display and traditional led display?

Nowadays, the competition of traditional LED display screens is becoming more and more fierce, and the emergence of spherical display screens has undoubtedly attracted the attention of all consumers. The spherical display screens we can see usually include a watermelon ball screen, a football screen and a six-sided ball screen. So what’s the difference besides the spherical display?

The playback principle of the LED display is that the control system (controller + computer) of the display transmits the image source played on the computer screen to the flat LED display for display. If the diameter of the spherical screen is sufficiently large, the effective attention is probably only about one-sixth of the surface area of the sphere, so the plane image source sent to the three-dimensional spherical screen for display needs to be processed. In this way, dividing the same image source into different image sources, and then assigning them to different areas for playback, is the playback principle of the spherical screen.

The resolution design of the LED spherical screen is the same as that of the flat LED display, that is, it is closely related to the viewing distance of the LED display. But because of the particularity of the spherical screen, the viewing distance is different from the ordinary flat LED display. At this time, the calculation of the suitable viewing distance requires a combination of two factors, the horizontal distance and the vertical angle between the human eye and the spherical screen. Especially the spherical screen placed indoors should pay attention to the calculation of the actual viewing distance, so as to achieve the expected display effect.

In addition to appearance, display principle and viewing distance, different led spherical screens have different display characteristics. However, with the development of science and technology, people believe that more spherical screens that meet the viewing needs of the audience will satisfy everyone.

1. The stage beauty of the performance: the transparent led display can be constructed according to the diversified stage shape, using the translucent and light characteristics of the transparent led screen itself, resulting in a strong actual effect and extending the depth of field of all interfaces. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design to give the lighting effect suspension and the full interior space to give the necessary atmosphere and sense of movement for the 3D rendering of the performance stage, which can better express the theme style.

2. Shopping malls: The contemporary beauty of the led transparent display screen is reasonably integrated with the natural environment of large shopping malls. It is a common market prospect for large shopping malls, large shopping malls, and glass partition walls.

3. Franchise stores: The personalized store brand image can attract customers to stop and increase the flow of people. The unique design technique allows the fully transparent LED display to replace the traditional store wall led display, and the more colorful and lifelike advertising videos make the store extremely cool and very attractive.

4. Science and technology exhibition hall: The science and technology exhibition hall is a key scene for disseminating scientific and technological knowledge. LED transparent display screens can be customized in different shapes. As a display of the actual effect of new technology, everyone can recognize the wonders and mysteries of high-tech technology based on the LED transparent screen. .

5. Laminated glass window display: With the rapid expansion of the digital sign manufacturing industry, which is based on the retail industry, the LED transparent display screen has produced a revolutionary transformation for the sellers. The decoration design and interior decoration are displayed on the building facade and laminated glass window. And other industries are increasingly receiving a warm welcome.

6. Engineering and construction news media: Following the development trend of led technology. The engineering and construction news media technology has also achieved rapid development. It is very popular in the application of curtain wall glass engineering construction. In recent years, it has gradually become popular. There have been many solutions such as LED light bar screens and fully transparent LED sky screens.

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