• LTH-E Series Design

    LTH-E Series Design

    The LTH-E series integrate MileStrong new technology (common cathode) to save energyup to75%. lt’s also adopting aluminum

    cabinet and substrate, which is good for heatdissipation during the LED display working.

    Featuring with waterproof up to lP68, our LTH-E series LED screen can accommodate tomost of outdoor harsh environment, even

    for seaside. It’ s mostly used for outdooradvertising, outdoor LED video board, and other public occasions, etc.

  • Lightall Outdoor LED Display

    Lightall Outdoor LED Display

    Outdoor advertising led display is designed and built to withstand adverse weather conditions and provide a truly breathtaking outdoor LED display billboard option you can depend on.

    The screens are perfect for plaza, shopping mall, stadiums, billboards, casinos and a host of outdoor applications.

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