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Transform Your Outdoor Advertising with the G Series LED Screen

A display that is utilized outside is referred to as an outdoor LED display. The outdoor display is prominently displayed more than dozens of times brighter than an interior LED display. Unique luminous outdoor LED displays are becoming increasingly common in cities as cutting-edge, high-tech digital communication methods. They are made out of RGB, or three-color LEDs, which can play any still or moving image.

Regarding performance, quality, look, and other factors, the LTH-G Series Design offers unmatched benefits over comparable outdoor full-color LED display products now available on the market. It also has a positive reputation. LIGHTALL collects and continually improves on prior product flaws. You may alter the LTH-G Series outdoor waterproof LED screen Design's characteristics to suit your demands.

outdoor LED display

Semi-outdoor Displays:

Additionally, semi-outdoor LED displays are typically mounted on indoor heads to disseminate information and are used in commercial stores' advertising mediums. This LED display falls between an indoor and an outdoor pixel point size. 

It is frequently utilized at the entrance of hospitals, retail centers, and banks. Because of its high luminous brightness, the semi-outdoor LED display may be utilized outside, even without direct sunlight. The screen body of an LED display is typically mounted indoors or beneath the apex since it is securely sealed.

Displaying Characteristics:

Indoor LED unit boards have substantially less brightness than outside ones. On the other hand, the brightness is excessive while using the outdoor unit board indoors. Therefore, utilize indoor unit boards.

Additionally, because of its wide luminous area, the outdoor LED advertisement display will have a considerably bigger area than the interior display. Consequently, there are associated issues with lightning protection, upkeep, and power usage. Maintaining an outdoor LED advertising display is difficult.

Specifications for 960x960mm Outdoor Full Color LED Display from the LTHG Series. Common cathode partial voltage power supply: low power consumption, less than 50% energy consumption, temperature increase of less than 20C, low attenuation, more than three years of guarantee, intensity of 8000–10,000cd.

Multifunctional Cabinets:

Here, the frame of the LED screen is what we refer to as the cabinet. Its purpose as a component of the completed LED display cabinet is to hold all the parts. It may be separated into four categories based on the materials used: die-casting aluminum cabinets, magnesium cabinets, metal cabinets, and aluminum cabinets.

Metal cabinets require permanent installation and are easily visible due to the weight of indoor and outdoor screens. Metal cabinets are heavier than magnesium and die-cast aluminum cabinets. Thus, they are well-liked for LED rental displays.

Waterproof surfaces are a need for outdoor items. Because the outdoor display's waterproofness needs to be considered, it is composed of waterproof boxes. In the same way, boxes may or may not be used for the indoor exhibition. Its rear will not be sufficiently waterproof if inexpensive essential boxes are utilized outside. The box border, in this instance, has to be well covered.

The FC series of LED displays will use aluminum profile cabinets; a single cabinet weighs just 26 kg. The display module is made of die-cast aluminum, which is fire-resistant and does not deform even in sweltering conditions.

Moreover, it can function properly by the sea for an extended period and has an excellent resistance to salt spray. Its ultra-low temperature increase and low decay allow it to function normally at temperatures as low as 80 degrees and as low as minus 40 degrees. 

completed LED display cabinet

Installation Techniques:

Wall-mounted, cantilever, inlaid, upright, standing, roof, mobile, arc, and other installation techniques are among the various ways LED displays may be installed, depending on the users' various environmental circumstances. With a limited number of comparatively single types, indoor installation is easy and comfortable. Conversely, it is risky and challenging to construct an outdoor LED display.

A vent valve has been installed at the bottom of the power box for the G series of LED displays to control the internal gas pressure, temperature increase, and interior environment balance. 

Weighty or Not:

Numerous LED screen producers have addressed the weight issue by releasing a range of lightweight LED panels and devices on the market. The average weight of an LED panel is typically between 25 and 35 kilograms per square meter. 

Larger outdoor displays may become weighty. Consequently, the maximum screen size that a building or other structure can support will be limited. A larger display will require more installation work and money, even if the building is strong enough to support its weight.

This outdoor led board is designed according to the requirements. It is thin and weightless, which is suitable for any building size.

To Sum It Up:

The LTH-G Series Design is a high-tech LED display that offers superior benefits over comparable outdoor full-color LED products. It is made of RGB or three-color LEDs and is increasingly used in cities for digital communication. The LTHG Series specifications for 960x960mm Outdoor Full Color LED Display from the LTHG Series include low power consumption, less than 50% energy consumption, temperature increase of less than 20C, low attenuation, more than three years of guarantee, and an intensity of 8000–10,000cd. 

The LED display cabinet can be divided into four categories based on materials used: die-casting aluminum cabinets, magnesium cabinets, metal cabinets, and aluminum cabinets. The FC series of LED displays uses aluminum profile cabinets, which are fire-resistant and suitable for extended sea use. Installation techniques include wall-mounted, cantilever, inlaid, upright, standing, roof, mobile, and arc.

You should select this customized LED display to improve the aesthetics of your building since the new LTH G Series outdoor LED display screen is ideal for billboards in every way. 

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