Display Led das Olimpíadas


LED screen solution for sports

  • <p>Perimeter LED Display</p>

    Perimeter LED Display

    ● Linsn perimeter LED displays usually have a driver IC with a 3840Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth playback of images without any flickering, especially. This feature is particularly important for live video programming during sporting events.

    ● Our 0-90° adjustable back brackets can support it adjust to different angles and reach more audiences.

    ● The rubber mask and cushion can protect people, and the high visual performance enables the contents can be shown clearly.

  • <p>LED Scoreboard</p>

    LED Scoreboard

    ● LED scoreboard can integrate audio systems, presentation systems, emergency broadcast systems, etc.

    ● It can show audiences real-time scores and live feeds and be used as digital advertising billboards.

    ● Compared with past fixed scoreboards only a part of the scoreboard can be controlled digitally, now the LED scoreboards are more multi-functional, and have better performances in advertising and displaying information!

  • <p>LED Billboard<br></p>

    LED Billboard

    ● Displaying important information: LED billboards display essential information like scores and time during the game to keep fans informed.

    ● Live video streaming: LED billboards show live feeds of the game, giving fans a closer look at the action.

    ● Advertising revenue: sponsor advertisements can generate revenue for the stadium and promote brands.

    ● Fan interaction: LED billboards can create interactive experiences for fans through games or contests, increasing engagement and enhancing the overall fan experience.

  • <p>LED Fence Display</p>

    LED Fence Display

    ● LED fence screens can maximize the use of space in the venue to transmit information, and increase revenue by playing advertisements.

    ● Moreover, the colorful LED screens are like ribbons that decorate and beautify sports stadiums.

    ● Better advertising effects: while shooting the events on-site, people may also take pictures of these LED screens and share them on social media, achieving better publicity.

    ● Beautifying the sites: these screens can decorate and beautify the venue, making it look more vivid and lively, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

Outdoor LED billboard

lt is ultra-low temperature rise, low decay, it can work normally under the temperature of 80 degree at most, and work normally under minus 40 degree at least, moreover, it can work on seaside normally in the long run, which has strong ability for salt spray resistance.

  • Outdoor LED billboard
    Outdoor LED billboard
    Connected camera live broadcast of the game, super large screen, ultra HD resolution. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Super large-size play of dynamic advertisements, such as videos and pictures. 7/24 hour uninterrupted advertising, working during the day and night. Super long-distance viewing, wide display coverage. The most attractive outdoor advertising tool.
  • Waterproof IP68
    Waterproof IP68
    Both cabinet and module are waterproof. Protect led display from rain, snow and dust in all weather.

Why Choose Sport LED Display from Lightall ?

Each of our outdoor LED screens is shipped in module format allowing you the flexibility to create screens of any size. Options are available for front or rear service access depending on your installation. Outdoor LED screens are manufactured to strict quality standards, enduring a rigorous testing process before leaving our facility and coming complete with free spare parts and comprehensive warranty. Our wide range of LED screens for outdoor advertising, help to catch audiences and passers.

With their high brightness specification, these screens deliver a fantastic image, even in direct sunlight, serving as a great form of representation for your brand, product or service. All of our LED solutions come in a modular format giving you total freedom with the size and configuration of the screen and endless potential to create even a giant led screen, built with the environment and application in mind. The modular nature of these displays make maintenance and repairs easy, with our solutions coming complete with control system and control software. We offers LED screens that serve as a solution to a variety of applications, with a comprehensive range of both outdoor and indoor display solutions also available.

 Professional custom Olympic Games led screen.

 According to the size and layout of the site, we can customize one-stop LED display solution.

 We provide management, setup systems and software.

 A team of professional engineers assist in installation and commissioning.

​​​​​​​ 3 years warranty, lifetime free maintenance service.

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