• Lightall Indoor Fixed LED Display

    Lightall Indoor Fixed LED Display

    Specially designed for fixed LED display applications with fashion design
    Easy installation without any steel structure  for fix, can hang or put on the wall etc.
    Ultra narrow pixel pitch P2.6/P2.97/P3.91/P4.81
    Light weight 6kg, die-casting aluminum, ultra thin, 60mm thickness
    Total Front Maintenance for save space, convenient and suitable everywhere
    Used in shopping mall, subway, cinema, meeting room, airport etc.

  • LIGHTALL Indoor HD LED Video Wall Display

    LIGHTALL Indoor HD LED Video Wall Display

    UHD series led panel specially use for TV studio,conference center,monitoring center and cinema, museum, ect.Seamless connection, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, 16 bit high grey level.

  • Lightall Poster LED Display

    Lightall Poster LED Display

    Super light, each led poster screen is around 35kg
    Easy to install and move it.
    Front maintenance.
    Control by 3G, 4G, USB and HDMI.
    It achieves to send video and image by intelligent terminal APP.
    2-6pcs LED posters can be joined together and produced a complete picture.
    Support floor standing, hanging mounting

  • Lightall Transparent LED Display

    Lightall Transparent LED Display

    Transparent LED display is good for decoration, creative design and advertising usage, it works as same as normal LED screen, most suitable for indoor glass building wall. Its creative 3D animations will bring impressive and clear visual experience, and people see through the glass without blocking sight.