Understanding the different types of rental stage LED displays


Understanding the different types of rental stage LED displays

LED displays are becoming increasingly popular for stage events, whether it's a concert, a corporate conference or a trade show. LED screens are highly versatile, making them an excellent display option for a range of event types. Therefore, it's essential to understand the different types of rental stage LED displays to ensure you select the perfect product for your requirements.

What are rental stage LED displays?

Rental stage LED displays are large screens made up of LED lights which are commonly used as a backdrop for concerts, presentations, trade shows, and other events. The display consists of a sequence of LED panels that are positioned together to form an image on the screen. LED displays have been used in events for many years but have recently become popular due to the growing demand for high-definition and large-format display screens.

Types of rental stage LED displays

1. Indoor LED displays

These displays are intended for use indoors and provide high-resolution images with exceptional brightness and color quality. They are popular in conferences, trade shows, and other indoor events. Indoor LED screens use a tight pixel pitch, which allows for high-resolution images, making them perfect for events where clarity is of utmost importance.

2. Outdoor LED displays

Outdoor LED displays are designed to be waterproofed, rugged, and capable of handling a wide range of weather conditions that could interfere with the display quality. They feature high brightness and contrast levels, which makes them ideal for outdoor concerts and sporting events.

3. Flexible LED displays

Flexible LED displays are relatively new and are designed to be flexible, allowing them to be wrapped around irregular surfaces in a more innovative and engaging way. These displays use advanced technology that enables them to be bent, curved, and twisted to fit into unique shapes.

4. Lightweight LED displays

Lightweight LED displays are specifically designed to be used in events that require quick and easy setup and dismantling. They are much lighter than traditional LED displays, making them easy to transport, install and dismantle. These displays are typically used for smaller events that do not require huge screens, such as product launches or roadshows.

5. Mobile LED displays

Mobile LED displays are suitable for events that require LED displays to be transported to different locations. They are designed to be easily transported using vehicles, such as trucks or trailers. These displays are ideal for events such as outdoor concerts, sporting events, and mobile tours.

Selecting the right rental stage LED display

Choosing the right LED display for your event can be overwhelming, with so many options available in the market. Firstly, you should understand the purpose of your event, the size of your stage, and your audience. Assess your audience's viewing distance to determine the ideal size and resolution of the screen. For an indoor event, you may want a higher resolution screen to accommodate for smaller viewing distances.

Secondly, consider the brightness level of the screen. For outdoor events, a higher brightness level is crucial to combat bright sunlight, and for an indoor event, you may need to balance the brightness level with the ambient lighting level of your venue.

Lastly, assess the required setup time and transportation requirements. For events where time is of utmost importance, you may want to consider a lightweight or mobile LED display that requires less setup time and is easy to transport.


Rental stage LED displays are a valuable investment for event planners because they can offer brilliant display quality that can elevate any event. Understanding the different types of rental stage LED displays can help you make an informed decision when selecting the ideal display for your event. Additionally, working with a reputable rental company can help ensure you receive a product that meets your specific needs, and the display is of excellent quality.


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