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Advantages of LED outdoor advertising large screen

August 17, 2021

Rich forms of advertising

The content of traditional advertising forms is limited and can not completely express the advertising content: for LED display advertising, operators and publishers can update the advertising content of LED display at any time. They only need to operate and control the computer, and the update process is not limited by other external conditions. According to statistics, the advertising content of large LED display screen is updated once a month on average, while the advertising content of small Maipu brilliant LED display screen is changed once a week in three or five days at least.

Strong visual impact

The LED display has a unique large-size, dynamic and audio-visual LED advertising, which can promote the audience’s senses in an all-round way, and the LED outdoor advertising can effectively convey information to guide consumption. The audience is facing the overwhelming advertising. However, the limited memory space of the audience and the infinity of information dissemination make the attention of LED display screen gradually become a scarce resource. Therefore, the attention economy has become the largest size to test the advertising effect.

High coverage

Outdoor LED displays are generally installed in government 1 organs, high-grade commercial areas and transportation hubs with high human 1 flow density. Maipu brilliant LED display screen stimulates consumers’ strong desire and investment through high-frequency communication with consumers.

1. Upgrade the city

Government 1 agencies use LED advertising to release some government information and City publicity films, which can not only beautify the city image, but also improve the grade and taste of the city. LED display is now widely used in stadiums, venue centers, advertising, transportation and so on. It can indirectly reflect the economic, cultural and social life of a city.

Energy saving and environmental protection

When traditional advertisements are replaced, some garbage that can not be recycled will be generated, which is not conducive to environmental protection. The LED display used to play advertisements is energy-saving and environment-friendly, works all day, and fully adapts to various harsh outdoor environments. It has strong integrity of anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection and earthquake resistance, high cost performance and display

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