Analysis on the development and upgrading direction of LED electronic display technology

July 12, 2021

LED electronic displays continue to develop. Although there are many LED display manufacturers, the technology upgrade direction is probably the same. In the future, Shenzhen LED displays tend to be thinner, high-power, and LED display large-screen splicing technology is becoming more and more mature. . As the development time of LED display screens grows, the application fields are becoming wider and wider, and people’s understanding and awareness of LED display screens will become deeper and deeper, and those who have not understood the problem before are gradually revealed. From a technical point of view, At present, my country’s LED display technology mainly has the following problems:

One is the problem of insufficient brightness. The main advantage of the LED electronic display is its strong adaptability to the changing and complex outdoor environment. The characteristics of the outdoor environment require that the LED display be sufficient in sunny, cloudy, rainy and snowy weather, long distance, and multiple viewing angles. The brightness of the LED is used to transmit information, so the brightness is particularly important. Due to the lack of LED brightness, the current LED can only act as a supporting role in the lighting industry, mainly for decoration. This is a huge challenge for the comprehensive use of tens of thousands of LEDs. .

The second is the problem of LED color difference. The application of a single LED basically has no chromatic aberration problem, but if a large number of LEDs are used in a comprehensive manner, the chromatic aberration problem will become prominent. Although there are technologies to improve this problem, due to the limitations of domestic technology and production level, there are still differences in the same color zone and the same batch of LEDs, and this difference is difficult to escape the naked eye, so it is difficult to ensure the color of the LED display. Reducibility and fidelity.

The third is the LED display control chip. As a new display medium, true-color high-resolution LED electronic display screens have attracted more and more attention for their clear images and high-performance playback capabilities. As for the LED display unit, the three-primary color LED die is its core device, so high-quality die with small wavelength difference and good luminous intensity should be used. This technology is mainly in the hands of world-renowned large companies, such as Japan’s Nichia Corporation, etc.

Fourth is heat dissipation. Because the outdoor environment temperature changes greatly, and the display itself has to generate a certain amount of heat when it is working, if the environment temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, it will likely cause the integrated circuit to work abnormally or even be burned, making the display system unable to normal work.

The development of any industry will encounter technical problems, especially high-tech industries like LED electronic large screens. Terrance Optoelectronics has always been constantly researching and innovating in LED display, facing up to and startingto solve these problems, and contributing to the development of the entire industry.

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