Can the luminous characters be cleaned, and how to deal with the yellowed parts?

July 23, 2022

If the luminous characters are used for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be some glitches of one kind or another; some luminous characters will turn yellow or dirty after being used outdoors for a long time. Can the luminous characters be cleaned, and what should be done when the font is yellow.

Then the surface of the LED luminous characters is generally smooth, so the surface is often easy to be stained with oil, dust and other foreign objects during long-term outdoor use. If the merchant finds this problem and does not clean it in time, it will take a long time. The yellowing and discoloration of the LED luminous character panel will not only affect the effect of the luminous characters, but also reduce the aesthetics, which will affect the service life. Then the power must be cut off when wiping, and the live operation must be avoided. Yes, and to avoid potential safety hazards. There is also a need to wipe gently with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the panel, and if it comes to the wiper liquid, you can choose to loosen it. Perfume or cleaning agent is fine, and if the surface is dirty, the specific problem is to be treated specifically, * or use a soft cloth to wipe the liquid polishing wax to the surface of the acrylic luminous characters. In this case, it is , Can come to make acrylic luminous characters bright and beautiful

Dealing with the yellowing of luminous resin characters

In the advertising industry, resin luminous characters will come to be very popular luminous characters, and the beautiful luminous effects are favored by many big brands. It will come because the production cost is not high. Even in ordinary shops, I like to use this material. When making luminous characters, it is made of resin material and LED lamp beads. It is surrounded by stainless steel, although it is more beautiful. , But if the time is long, the color of the resin will be easy to yellow. Luminous characters are made without adding antioxidants, so they will turn yellow after a long time. If it is to choose the resin material on the surface If you pry open the replacement, it is to re-cast the new resin, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. Therefore, when making the resin luminous characters, it is necessary to add antioxidants. In this case, it is not to worry. The font will turn yellow. Otherwise, it needs to be cleaned frequently. If this is the case, it will be able to delay the yellowing of the font.

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