Current status and future development trend of LED electronic display control card industry

July 05, 2021

In recent years, the LED electronic display control card industry has developed rapidly, has occupied a certain market, and has become an indispensable medium for communication and entertainment in people’s lives. Nowadays, everyone is talking about the status quo of the LED display control card market. Negative words such as homogeneity, price wars, low innovation, etc. are flooding the LED display control card industry. It seems that the domestic market has reached a dead end, and people can’t help but Question: Is there really no way out for the domestic LED display market? Obviously not, the LED display control card has unlimited development space like the LED wireless control card.

a senior statistician at the Service Industry Survey Center of the National Bureau of Statistics, said: my country’s manufacturing industry has become more stable and improving. He said that since the beginning of this year, as the effects of policy measures such as stabilizing growth, adjusting structure, benefiting people’s livelihood, and preventing risks have gradually emerged, domestic demand has gradually recovered, coupled with the continuous recovery of the external economy, external demand has improved, and positive factors for economic development have increased. As a member of my country’s manufacturing industry, the LED display control card industry will also ease its market competition pressure to a certain extent.

Secondly, my country’s urbanization process is accelerating, and the market for LED electronic display control cards in second- and third-tier cities is huge. The city white paper recently published by the National Academy of Sciences mentioned that my country will complete the urbanization coverage rate of about 60% by 2020, and the technology of LED wireless control card manages the entire project chain. It is estimated that by 2020, the consumption output value of LED products by urban households will reach 500 billion yuan.

The acceleration of urbanization will drive the development of infrastructure in urban and rural areas, stimulate investment, and stimulate consumption. The LED industry, as a link in the industry chain of construction and automobile industries, will have more market demand along with the development of other industries, which will stimulate the development of the LED industry and inject fresh vitality into the LED industry.

As a member of the urban development process, the emergence of LED electronic displays makes the city play a different style. The construction of township is inseparable from the improvement and popularization of public infrastructure, environment, management and other aspects. It will also face more energy consumption problems. Therefore, LED applications have become the main product to beautify the scenery and reduce energy consumption in the process of urbanization. All in all, the domestic market has a long history and will usher in a broader space. Domestic LED display companies, as local companies in China, must consolidate their foundations and develop more long-term.

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