Daily maintenance of LED electronic display

May 31, 2021

With the rapid development of Shenzhen’s LED display market, LED electronic display products have been increasingly applied to many military, armed police, civil air defense, fire protection, public security, transportation, water conservancy, electricity, earthquake, subway, environmental protection, Monitoring and command centers for coal, highways, subways, offices, conference rooms for enterprises, affairs, etc.; monitoring centers for education, banking, medical, television, sports and other fields. As a high-end large-screen display device, if it is used well, it can not only extend the service life of the product, but also better ensure its stable operation in normal work; on the contrary, if it is not used well, the service life of the product will be Greatly discounted. How to use it well? In fact, as long as you pay more attention to the daily maintenance of the product, you can avoid many problems.

As we all know, only regular effective maintenance of LED electronic displays can make the product run more stable and have a longer service life. Therefore, the equipment must be regularly maintained in a planned way. Although some expenses are required, it can effectively reduce the probability of equipment failure and greatly reduce the expenditure for repairing and replacing parts. This is also a cost-saving way. the way.

Due to the high temperature generated by the light when the LED electronic display is working, and the working temperature of many devices inside the unit is below 70 degrees, in order to solve the heat dissipation problem, many users will use air cooling to cool the heat. Although this can achieve a certain cooling effect, it is worrying that it will also cause dust in the air to enter the machine. The damage of dust to components is unimaginable.

So once the dust is not cleaned in time, it will not only affect the heat dissipation of the machine itself, but also cause a lot of undesirable consequences such as reduced insulation, poor projection effect, reduced lamp life, and damage to circuits and other components due to excessive temperature. Therefore, the regular maintenance of the rear-projection unit is a very important means to reduce the impact of the failed rear-projection unit on the use and to reduce the maintenance cost. One of the main tasks of rear-projection unit maintenance is to remove the dust accumulated in the machine.

In addition, it is necessary to remind the user, don’t think that the product can still display the image normally anyway, and it’s no problem without maintenance. In this case, once you miss the golden maintenance time of the equipment, coupled with the dust damage, there will be troubles during the peak period of maintenance, and the large amount of maintenance costs will make you miserable.

Under normal circumstances, LED electronic displays have a certain lifespan. After a certain period of use, the brightness of the bulb will drop significantly. At this time, it is to remind you that the bulb has been changed. Because the bulb at this time is very easy to explode, once this happens, the loss of the bulb is a small matter, if the high-temperature insulation glass is blown up, it will be too much for the loss. So you must remember to check and replace the bulb regularly to avoid accidents.

It is also worth reminding that the failure rate of the LED electronic display splicing unit lenses is relatively high. The damage of the polarizers in each group of lenses is the most common. Most of the coatings are burned, and the coatings on the polarizers are damaged by the machine. Poor heat dissipation and high ambient temperature in the machine are closely related. Therefore, regular maintenance of the equipment is a key factor for the machine to work in a better environment.

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