Different brightness of full-color LED display and color difference solution

November 10, 2021

A good full-color LED display must be able to adapt to different temperatures and weather, and be able to be used normally in a variety of occasions. In addition, it needs to have a good effect on far and near light, especially for large-scale concerts. The special effects of lighting must be particularly good. However, based on years of experience, Winbond Ying Optoelectronics has summarized the following three factors, which will lead to uneven brightness of the full-color LED display.

1. Optical components

As the light-emitting element of the full-color LED display, the LED light-emitting tube inevitably has the problem of inconsistent brightness during the production process. The countermeasure adopted by full-color LED display manufacturers is to divide the stage after the end of product production. The brightness difference between two adjacent stages is small and the consistency is better, but the yield and inventory are higher. Therefore, every full-color LED display manufacturer controls the difference in brightness between two adjacent levels at about 20%.

2. Drive components

The driving component of the full-color LED display usually adopts a constant current driving chip, such as MBl5026. It includes 16 constant current drive outputs, and the current output value can be set by resistors. The output error of each chip is controlled within 3%, and the output error of different chips is controlled within 6%. Under normal circumstances, on a full-color LED display, a 25% brightness error is displayed between each pixel. If the LED tube used is not a full-color LED display of the same specification and model, the brightness error will rise to more than 40%.

In addition, the inconsistency of the brightness of the full-color LED display is the root cause of the formation of the flower screen, which cannot be corrected by the post-correction device, but is realized in the production process of the full-color LED display manufacturer. Therefore, if you have purchased a full-color led display with inconsistent picture brightness, please contact the manufacturer of the full-color led display.

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