Factors affecting the clarity of LED full-color display

July 16, 2022

With the rapid development of LED display, products such as LED full-color display and LED electronic display are widely used, which greatly promotes the rapid development of the field of LED display, especially the application of LED full-color display. As we all know, the LED full-color display is an important medium for advertising the content of advertising information and playing videos. Therefore, it is very necessary for the LED full-color display to display clearly. What are the factors that affect the clarity of the LED full-color display? The following led display manufacturer Winbond Ying Optoelectronics will explain it to you!
LED display manufacturers, factors affecting the clarity of LED full-color display

1. Contrast: Contrast is one of the primary conditions affecting visual impact. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer the image and the more distinctive and bright the conspicuous colors. This is very helpful for the sharpness of the image and the high-contrast dominant representation of key points, as well as the gray-scale dominant representation. For some text and video displays with large differences in black and white contrast, the high-contrast LED full-color display has advantages in black and white contrast, sharpness and consistency, while dynamic images change rapidly at the junction of light and dark in dynamic images, the higher the contrast. , the easier it is for the eyes to distinguish such a transformation process.

2. Gray scale: Gray scale refers to the proportional progression of the single primary color chromaticity of the LED full-color display from very dark to the brightest. The higher the gray level of the LED full-color display, the brighter the color. Vivid: On the contrary, the color tone of the LED full-color display is single, and the improvement of the gray level can greatly improve the depth of the color, thereby promoting the display level of the image color to increase geometrically. With the continuous advancement of hardware configuration technology, the LED grayscale manipulation level has been raised from 14bit to 16bit, and the LED grayscale level will also continue to improve linearity.

3. Dot pitch: The dot pitch of the LED full-color display can improve the clarity. The smaller the dot pitch of the LED full-color display, the more detailed the interface display. But this point must have perfect technology as the key application, the relative investment cost is very big, and the price of the LED full-color display screen produced is relatively high.

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