full-color LED display

September 23, 2022

First of all, the most important thing is the lamp beads of the full-color LED display. Why are the lamp beads so important? Obviously the quality of the lamp beads directly affects the display effect of the full-color LED display. LED lamp beads are used in the full-color LED display. The most critical elements range from thousands, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per square.

Secondly, for outdoor full-color LED display screens, the problem of light radiation is a very important problem, and the problem of light radiation is directly related to another one of light radiation, that is, the problem of light radiation. The pros and cons of a full-color LED display can be judged from the following aspects:

1. Flatness: The surface of the full-color LED display should be kept flat within ±1mm to ensure that the displayed image will not be distorted. Local protrusions or depressions will cause the viewing angle of the display to shift. The quality of uniformity mainly depends on the process.

2. Viewing angle: The viewing angle of the indoor full-color LED display should be above 800cd, and the viewing angle of the outdoor full-color LED display should be above 1500cd/h to ensure the normal operation of the display. Otherwise, due to the viewing angle If it is too small, the image will not be displayed clearly. The main factor that affects the size of the LED tube is the quality of the tube core. The size of the viewing angle directly determines the number of viewers on the screen, so the bigger the better. The visibility angle mainly depends on the packaging method of the core.

3. White balance effect: White balance effect is an important indicator of LED full-color screen display. In terms of colorimetry, the ratio of the three primary colors of red, green and blue is 1:4.6:0.16. If the actual ratio is slightly deviated, there will be a deviation in white balance. Generally, pay attention to whether the white color is blue or yellowish green. . The display screen color control system is the main factor that affects the white balance, and the tube core affects the color restoration ability.

4. Chromaticity restoration: Chromaticity restoration refers to the restoration of colors by the display screen, that is, the chromaticity of the display screen is highly consistent with the chromaticity of the playback source, so as to ensure the effect.

5. Whether there are puzzles or dead spots: puzzles refer to small black quadrilateral puzzles that often appear on the full-color LED display or frequently appear. It is not only the reason for the module failure, but also the plug-in used by the full-color LED display. Reasons for poor program quality. The dead spot refers to the black spot that often appears on the full-color LED display screen, that is, the always-on spot, and its quantity mainly depends on the quality of the die.

6. Whether there is color block: Colorless block refers to the large color difference between adjacent modules. The color conversion is based on the module, the control system is imperfect, the gray level is low, and the scanning frequency is low, which leads to the phenomenon of no color block. The main reason.

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