High pole lamp manufacturers explain in detail how to set the tension spring


In the installation process of high pole lights, setting the tension spring is an extremely important part. Many customers and friends are not too clear on how to set up, and if the important component of the tension spring is set improperly, it will easily cause some unnecessary troubles. Next, let’s follow the professional high-pole lamp manufacturers to learn how to set the tension spring.

1. Disconnect the power supply, open the box machine, loosen the box cover screws, and remove the box cover;

2. Use a hexagonal wrench to adjust each tension spring screw, so that the high pole lamp can achieve the best effect when the pole is falling;

3. If the rod trembles at the moment of lifting, it indicates that the tension of the balance spring is too large, and repeat the above operation;

4. Connect the power of the channel gate, press the key of the controller to make the high pole light work 90 degrees up and down 4 to 5 times. If the pole trembles when the pole is dropped, it clarifies that the tension of the balance spring is notgood, and the high pole lamp works to Vertical condition.

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