How do solar street lights turn on every day for 365 days?

June 23, 2022

Areas like Sichuan and Guizhou have more cloudy and rainy days throughout the year, so these areas are suitable for choosing solar street lights that last for a longer period of cloudy and rainy days. Many solar street lights now have the ability to produce solar street lights that light up every day for 365 days. And this kind of solar street lamp that lights up every day for 365 days is suitable for installation in these areas. So everyone must be very curious about how solar street lights can be turned on every day for 365 days. Today I will take you to understand the mystery briefly.

1. By increasing the system configuration. It is a traditional method to reasonably increase the capacity of solar street light panels and batteries to a certain extent, but the price of this approach is that the price of solar street lights becomes very expensive.

2. The intelligent solar street light controller adjusts the power. The intelligent solar street light controller has its own battery power check function, which automatically adjusts the output power of the solar street light through the battery power. When the solar controller detects that the battery power is used to a certain percentage, the controller starts to automatically and intelligently adjust the output power. The lower the battery power becomes, the lower the output power will be automatically adjusted until the battery power reaches the warning value. Disconnect the output to protect the solar battery.

In the second method, the number of continuous cloudy and rainy days in the solar street lamp design is generally 7 days, and the number of continuous cloudy and rainy days may be extended to about one month with the automatic power reduction of the intelligent controller. Under normal circumstances, there will be no sunshine for a continuous month, so the lights will be turned on every day for 365 days. However, this intelligent controller reduces the power of the overall solar street lamp, so the current passing through the street lamp will be reduced, which will naturally lead to a decrease in the overall brightness. This is also the only disadvantage of this type of solar street light. Nowadays, most solar street lights on the market that light up every day for 365 days are produced by solar street light manufacturers using this method.

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