How should the brightness of the indoor small-pitch LED display be controlled?

August 23, 2021

How to control the brightness of indoor small-pitch led display? With the application of led display more and more fields, this kind of large screen has become the new darling of indoor high-definition led display, so do you know about small-pitch led Some related knowledge of the display screen, such as brightness control, is not high brightness, but the effect is good. Next, Topsun Optoelectronics will take you to understand.

Small-pitch LED display screens are widely used in indoor use scenarios such as company meetings and classrooms due to their closer viewing distance. From outdoor to indoor applications, although the small-pitch LEDs have shortened the viewing distance of these users, when they continue to focus on the screen for a long time in a dark indoor environment, the continuous high brightness of the LED may cause dazzling, fatigue and soreness to the human eyes. Even irreversible vision damage. However, some indoor led display products on the market only have “low brightness and low gray”. When the user reduces the brightness of the led display, it will be accompanied by the loss of the gray level of the picture, and the overall clarity will be greatly reduced. Choosing a small-pitch LED display that supports “low brightness and high gray” can effectively solve this problem encountered in indoor applications.

Different from the “low brightness and low gray” characteristics of conventional LED displays, small-pitch LEDs that support “low brightness and high gray” can achieve high definition at low brightness through high-brush chips. When the brightness range is in the range of 100 cd/㎡—300 cd/㎡, the gray scale of the picture is almost no loss, that is, the human eye can hardly detect the obvious gray scale loss, and the close-range look and feel is more comfortable and does not hurt the eyes, “low brightness and high gray “It can be said that it is the first normative factor for small-pitch LED products in the room, and it is also an important part of distinguishing the quality of small-pitch products.

In addition to reasonable control of indoor brightness, some competitive user-level entry products have long been committed to improving user experience. For example, the overall thickness of the new front-maintenance small-pitch product chassis of the veteran Tuosheng Optoelectronics in the industry is nearly one-half thinner than other old indoor small-pitch chassis. It can achieve wall-mounted installation and save space without changing the existing indoor decoration. . With the deepening of small-pitch LED displays in indoor display applications, more functions remain to be explored in the future.

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