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How thick is the average indoor LED display?

October 31, 2022

How thick is an ordinary indoor LED display? Now many shopping malls have installed indoor LED display screens, but there are many customers often ask such questions, indoor LED display thickness is how much? So let’s follow photoelectric Xiaobian to have a simple understanding.

The thickness of the steel structure from the wall is about 15CM, the thickness of the indoor LED module is about 7-10CM, and the entire thickness of the indoor led display screen is 25CM-30CM. The area of the indoor LED display screen is limited, so the advantages of maintenance before use are convenient maintenance, space saving and beautiful.

1, such as indoor LED display maintenance thickness, that is, simple box maintenance space or closed box maintenance space, box type rear door type, generally need to leave 70mm space. Too small installation and maintenance is very bad. If it is the thickness of the indoor led display box, there are about ten or twenty centimeters, can be customized according to need. Aluminum or stainless steel frame, color is silver or black, thickness of 8mm, width of 3.5mm.

2, the general indoor LED display module is about 10~15MM, this data is only for reference, after all, the module of different manufacturers will be slightly different, but the difference will not be too big; The use of simple module, module + box thickness up to 100MM; Use waterproof module, thickness up to 160MM; The use of die-cast aluminum sleeve, thickness up to 80MM;

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