How to buy rental LED display

January 07, 2021

In large-scale performances, cultural evenings, star concerts, and events, we can all see a variety of stage rental LED displays. So what is the stage rental led display? What should I pay attention to when choosing a stage rental LED display? The following editor will answer these results one by one.

1. The stage rental LED display is actually an LED display used for stage scenery. The big feature of this display is that it can provide a wealth of performance stage scenery, combining lifelike pictures and shocking music. Combined, it creates a magnificent and modern spectacular scene; and it can also play a large and clear live game screen, which can give people an immersive feeling and subvert the traditional visual experience.

2. The stage LED display consists of the main stage, the secondary screen, and the expansion screen. The main screen is used for live broadcast and wonderful playback. The rectangular LED display with high resolution resolution is usually within P6. The larger the area, the better. For example, the scene on the stage can be fluently displayed in front of the audience.

There will be several secondary screens on both sides of the main screen. The secondary screens can determine special-shaped creative LED displays, such as S-shaped curved screens, LED flexible screens, ED cylindrical screens and other special-shaped screens. If the estimate is unlimited, the side screen can also decide to use a lower cost screen. The stage video expansion screen is usually used in large-scale stages, concerts, etc., to take care of the audience in the back row, so that all audiences can clearly see everything on the stage.

3. In addition to the tight resolution of the stage LED display screen, it is also necessary to determine a suitable control system. Unusually, the area of ​​the stage LED display screen is relatively large, the pixels are high, and the number of points required for the sending cassette is high. Sometimes it is necessary to stop cascading splicing control with multiple control cards. If we want to express the results better, we need to use the video processor every day, such as allowing the video to stop splicing and cutting, complete multi-window, picture-in-picture, strong scalability, and more detailed and smooth video results.

4. Due to the particularity of the stage LED display, it usually adopts a standardized cabinet layout, which is easy to disassemble, light in character and convenient to transport. The frivolity, fast installation, removal and transportation of the box are suitable for large-area leasing and strong installation applications.

Reminder: In order to ensure the safe and firm operation of the stage LED display, the display utilization company must provide professional training on the common sense of LED display utilization for the operators.

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