How to deal with the moisture-proof of outdoor LED display?


For LED displays, the hazard of moisture has become the main factor affecting the service life of the product. In this regard, moisture-proof and waterproof have become the focus of attention in the industry. Moisture absorption refers to dry matter

The quality of the product absorbs moisture in the air and becomes damp. People often pay attention to the problem of water absorption and waterproofing of the product, but ignore the phenomenon of product moisture absorption. The hidden danger caused by moisture is greater. The following small courses: teach

How do you deal with the moisture-proof outdoor LED display?

(1) Moisture-proof method for outdoor LED display

1. Moisture-proof outdoor fixed display

Configure a temperature and humidity monitor at the installation site of the outdoor LED display to monitor the humidity around the screen in time;

After the screen body is installed on the first rainy day or after heavy rain, check whether there is moisture, water droplets, moisture, etc. inside;

Under the environment humidity of 10%~85%RH, the screen should be turned on at least once a day, and the screen should work normally for more than 2 hours each time;

If the ambient humidity is higher than 90%RH or when you return to the south, you should dehumidify the use environment of the screen, and ensure that the screen works normally for more than 4 hours a day.

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