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How to set the led display?

February 28, 2022

1. Configure the controller IP address and port number: No matter what network connection method is used, the first step must be to configure the controller IP address and port number. IP address and port number: and 5005.

2. The display screen is equipped with a control card and software. After the screen is installed, connect the control card and power supply, and then copy the software to the computer, and you can operate it directly on the computer. Then you can modify the text content, scan method, and scroll operation above.

3. Generally, the fonts and content on the led display are set by replacing the fonts and contents on the led display through the operation of mobile phone, U disk, computer, etc.: if the led display is equipped with a GSM display operation card, it can be used to replace the text items It is a mobile phone, you can send and change the ad subtitles by modifying the text message.

4. If you are using a U-disk operation card, you can change the program content and directly take it to the LED display screen to replace the U-disk and copy the content. If you want to replace the content of the led display screen with the computer, then it is more selective. Must be connected with reality. For example, some stores open their own stores and use them, and advocate using a wired operation card to send it through a computer, or choose to use a U disk operation card without connecting, and if you want to change the advertising content, you can directly copy it with a U disk.

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