How to solve the deformation of LED linear lamp installation

August 08, 2022

The shell of the LED linear lamp is made of aluminum alloy, with bright lines, simple structure, beautiful appearance, firmness, corrosion resistance and easy installation. The surface of the LED linear lamp is electrostatic sprayed, which can resist high temperature and weather conditions. The LED linear lamp reflector uses imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high light energy.

The slender shape of the LED linear lamp can match the internal wiring layout of the building, and can also be creative and diversified according to the needs of the owner or the decoration style, making the office environment more vivid. The unique decorations and landscapes leave a deep impression on tourists. The line lighting effect is more concentrated, and the LED line lamp manufacturers provide enough lighting for the lighting objects, avoiding the waste of resources. Decorating the office environment with linear lights also makes the office present a simple and elegant lighting atmosphere.

The choice of aluminum: heat dissipation and deformation should be considered when choosing aluminum, which requires proper control of the thickness of aluminum. If the aluminum material is too thick, it will cause poor heat dissipation; if the aluminum of the linear lamp is thin, it will cause poor heat dissipation, and the LED linear lamp will be easily squeezed and deformed during the installation process. The quality of lamp beads, in the industry, there are only a few well-known packaging manufacturers, but can you be sure whether this is the brand chip you obtained? However, the price of these brand lamp beads is very transparent, and the low price is obviously inferior linear lamps are generally used for office lighting, and the office needs to maintain a formal, solemn and solemn atmosphere. Therefore, the linear lamps and lanterns can be arranged neatly in the office area, giving people a sense of simplicity and atmosphere, allowing visitors to have a good impression of the company when they enter the office. Linear lamps can be installed in the middle of the top of the space, or arranged according to the space route. Pay attention to make the light and brightness of the space as uniform as possible to create a comfortable and healthy office lighting environment.

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