How to update the content in real time on the large LED screen?

March 31, 2022

How to update the content in real time on the large LED screen? According to the control system, LED large screens can be divided into: offline LED display, online LED large screen, and wireless LED large screen. The content update method of each LED large-screen control system is different. The following is a detailed introduction of the three LED large-screen control systems.
Off-line LED large screen
Off-line control system is usually called asynchronous control system. Off-line LED large screen mainly refers to the real-time control that does not rely on the control computer when the large LED screen is running, and the content is directly on the control card inside the large LED screen. The offline LED large screen is mainly used in the small single and double color LED large screen, with text information as the main display content form.
The update of the content of the offline LED large screen is mainly through the control computer after editing, and then sent to the control card of the display screen through the control software. After sending, you can disconnect from the computer without affecting the normal operation of the display.
Online LED large screen
On-line control system, also called synchronous control system, is currently the main control system for large LED screens.
The online control system displays the contents of the designated display area on the control computer by means of point-to-point mapping. The content is updated in real time according to the content displayed on the control computer. If you want to change the program, you can control the computer’s control software by operating it.
Wireless LED large screen
The wireless large LED screen is to control the content of the large LED screen wirelessly. It is mostly used in places where wiring is inconvenient and the display screen is far from the control center. Such as the large LED screen on the top of the taxi, the LED screen on the street, and the community LED screen for centralized control and release.
The wireless large LED screen can be divided into WLAN, GPRS/GSM and other methods according to the communication method. The content update of the wireless LED screen is centrally managed through its control center. The use of wireless means is convenient and not restricted by the site, but the use of GPRS/GSM will incur additional communication costs. Especially for large content such as videos, if it is updated frequently, the cost is still relatively high.

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