Indoor LED display features and specifications


1. Features of indoor LED display: small light-emitting point, dense pixel pitch, suitable for close-up viewing, high-quality LED chips are selected, high luminous efficiency, low brightness attenuation, stable display and good reliability of the display, and more It is used in indoor environments such as conference rooms, stages, hotels, and station waiting rooms. The lifespan is greater than 100,000 hours.

2. Specifications: Ф5.0: The size of a single module is 48.8*24.4cm, composed of 2048 LED chips with a diameter of Ф5.0mm, the dot resolution is 17220/m2, the screen brightness (average):> 800CD/m2, the viewing angle: horizontal 145°, 120° 120° vertically; Ф3.75: The size of a single module is 30.4*15.2cm, consisting of 2048 LED chips with a diameter of Ф3.75mm, and the dot resolution is 44320/m2; screen brightness (average): >600CD /m2, viewing angle: horizontal 145°, vertical up 120° and down 120°.

3. Features of outdoor LED display: large light-emitting point, large pixel spacing, high brightness, can work in the sun, with windproof, rainproof, waterproof functions, suitable for long-distance viewing, more used in bustling street intersections, densely crowded Places such as shopping malls, office walls, football fields and other environments. The lifespan is greater than 100,000 hours.

4. Specifications: The size of a single module is 32*16cm, composed of 512 straw hat lamp beads with a diameter of Ф10mm, the dot resolution is 10000/m2, the screen brightness (average) is ≥6500cd/m2, the viewing angle: horizontal 120°, vertical up 30° under 10°

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