Installation method and steps of LED transparent screen

August 12, 2021

Transparent LED screens have unique characteristics and are popular among customers. Nowadays, transparent LED screens are used in many places. We will often be seen everywhere in large supermarkets or roadsides, but it has not reached the state of popularity. Not all people have a better understanding of transparent screens, and many people are more worried about the installation of LED transparent screens.

Today I will mainly tell you how the LED transparent screen is installed. First, it needs to be installed behind the glass. When the transparent screen is designed, it is very light, about 10kg. The installation method is different from the installation scenario, so I will give you several installation methods.

The first is frame installation. This installation method requires the use of composite bolts to fix the LED transparent screen on the glass curtain wall. This installation method is more suitable for the construction field. The second type of suspension hoisting, this installation method is generally more suitable for the stage, it is installed through the hook, very simple. The third method is fixed base installation. This installation method is more used in auto shows or exhibition halls. It is fixed on the Japanese frame. This installation method is very simple.

Its installation step is to choose the ceiling you need to install, keep it level, and then connect its box to the ceiling, lock it with a lock, align all the holes, and connect between the boxes. line.

The above is the installation method and installation steps summarized for everyone. It is very light and simple, so now more and more people like the LED transparent screen, and it is also very intelligent and beautiful.

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