Introduction to led display

December 01, 2020

In simple terms, LED display is a flat panel display, which is composed of small modules. Various text, images, and videos can be displayed through the LED display to enter people’s sight. LEDdisplay has been well received by the public as soon as it went on the market. It has become a newcomer in the electronics market. The reason why LEDdisplay can be loved by the public is also due to the advantages of LEDdisplay. The advantages of LEDdisplay are low power consumption, high power and long life It is also relatively long, which is why LEDs have been recognized by the public as soon as they are listed.

LEDdisplay application range

The advantages of LED display are introduced above. Because of this advantage, LED display has a wide range of applications. There are LED displays in shopping malls, stadiums, and banks, and LED displays can be seen in restaurants, stations, or hotels, but LEDdisplay also has certain shortcomings. After the LEDdisplay is wetted by rain, if people’s eyes look at the LEDdisplay for a long time, they will have eye disease and tears. This happens because of the brightness of the LEDdisplay.

LED display purchasing skills

The application range of LED display is introduced above, so what should we pay attention to when purchasing? First of all, we should pay attention to when purchasing, we must choose good quality, that is to say, we must choose large manufacturers, not for cheap Choose small manufacturers, but the quality is not good. And when choosing, be sure to choose the after-sales guaranteed LED display, and when adjusting the brightness, you must adjust the brightness to a reasonable brightness, otherwise the long-term face of the LED display will be bad for your eyes, will cause eye diseases, etc. The bad situation. And when you buy LED display, you must also see the resolution of the screen. Don’t pursue the clarity of the screen too much, which is not good for your eyes. Choosing a major brand of LED display is guaranteed regardless of its quality, appearance or after-sales service.

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