judge the quality of LED display

August 17, 2021

With the development of science and technology, LED display screen has become very common in people’s life. Although we can see and touch the LED display in our life, we can’t tell whether it is good or bad. Many people learn some basic information about the display through the seller. Today we’ll introduce how to distinguish the quality of the LED display.

In the first step, we can hold the mobile phone and let the mobile phone face the LED display screen. When strip ripples appear on our mobile phone screen, it shows that the refresh rate of the display screen is relatively low. Through the refresh rate, we can see the quality of the LED screen. The second step is to detect the gray level. We need to use a professional detection tool. Generally, when we buy the LED display screen, the seller has it. Then, through the gray level detection tool, we can see whether the gray level gradient is very smooth?

Step 3 is that the larger the viewing angle, the better. When we buy the display screen, we should choose the larger the viewing angle. The larger the viewing angle, the higher the audience. Also check whether the color displayed on the display screen is consistent with the color of the playback source. If so, the LED display screen is very good.

Step 4 we need to check the surface flatness of the display screen, which should be within 1mm, so that it will not be prone to distortion when we look at the image. The flatness is mainly combined with the production process.

Step 5 we need to see if there is mosaic. Mosaic refers to whether there are some black small four squares on the screen. If there are many such small four squares, the quality of the display screen is not qualified.

Outdoor large screen, a new symbol of the city

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