LED display

December 01, 2020

LED display is an electronic display composed of LED dot matrix. The display content forms of the screen, such as text, animation, picture, and video, are changed in time by changing the red and green light beads, and the component display control is performed through a modular structure.

Mainly divided into display module, control system and power supply system. The display module is a dot matrix of LED lights to form a screen that emits light; the control system is to control the brightness in the area to convert the content displayed on the screen; the power system is to convert the input voltage and current to meet the needs of the display screen.

The LED screen can realize the conversion between different forms of a variety of information presentation modes, and can be used indoors and outdoors, and has incomparable advantages over other displays. With the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption, low voltage demand, small and convenient equipment, long service life, stable impact resistance, and strong resistance to external interference, it has developed rapidly and is widely used in various fields.

The luminous color and luminous efficiency of the LED are related to the material and process of making the LED. The light bulb is all blue at the beginning, and phosphor is added at the end. According to the different needs of users, different light colors can be adjusted. Red is widely used. , Green, blue and yellow.

Due to the low working voltage of LED (only 1.2~4.0V), it can actively emit light with a certain brightness, and the brightness can be adjusted by voltage (or current), and it is resistant to shock, vibration and long life (100,000 hours), so Among large-scale display devices, there is no other display method that can match the LED display method.

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