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Moisture-proof outdoor rental screen

January 16, 2021

When the outdoor rental LED display is in use, it must be powered off immediately when it rains. If you can’t remove the screen, you can quickly cover it with a rain-proof cloth prepared in advance, and take out the box to dry when it is sunny. Such as

If you encounter continuous rain, open the back cover of the cabinet and use a fan to blow dry. Then leave it in a ventilated and dry room for more than 8 hours. Play low brightness to ensure more than 4 hours of lighting, fully

Dissipate moisture in electronic components.

(2) Moisture-proof method for indoor LED display

1. Moisture-proof indoor fixed display

Under the environmental humidity of 10%~65%RH, the display screen should be turned on at least once a day, and ensure normal work for more than 4 hours each time;

If the ambient humidity is higher than 65% RH or when you are going back to the south, you should dehumidify the use environment of the screen and ensure that the screen works normally for more than 8 hours a day; the relevant doors should be closed at night

Window to prevent damage to the screen caused by regain at night.

(3) Moisture-proof indoor rental screen

After each use, it should be immediately put into the air transfer box for sealed storage;

In each air transfer box, there must be a desiccant or moisture-absorbing bag of no less than 50g; the desiccant or moisture-absorbing bag shall be checked for failure regularly, and it shall be replaced every 2 months;

Under the environment humidity of 10%~65%RH, the display screen should be taken out and lighted up (playing video) for more than 2 hours every half month;

When the ambient humidity exceeds 65% RH or encounters a southerly wind, the display screen should be taken out and lighted up (playing video) for more than 2 hours a week;

During the rental and use of the screen, avoid rain or water on the screen. If it is not very wet, dry the water in time and dry it with a hair dryer. At the same time, leave the screen for 2 hours and then light up and work for 2 hours. ;

It is strictly prohibited to use indoor rental screens as outdoor rental screens, especially in open-air environments;

Indoor LED display should avoid direct air-conditioning on the front of the screen. In an air-conditioned environment, pay attention to turning on and off the LED screen every day. When turning it on, turn on the LED screen first and then turn on the air conditioner. Pay special attention to closing large

When the screen is turned off, first turn off the air conditioner and wait for the indoor temperature to return to normal temperature, then turn off the LED screen and dehumidify regularly.

In short, whether it is indoors or outdoors, the most effective way to avoid damage to the function of the display is to use it frequently. The display itself in the working state will generate some heat, which can

The water vapor evaporates, which greatly reduces the possibility of short circuits caused by moisture. Therefore, the display screen that is frequently used has much less impact on the humidity of the display screen that is not commonly used. Full of dry

Goods, have you learned?

LED display

What is a led display?

LED display (LED panel): also called electronic display or floating word screen. It is composed of LED dot matrix, which displays text, pictures, animation, and video by turning on or off the red or green lamp beads. The content can be replaced at any time. Each part of the component is a display device with a modular structure. Usually consists of display module, control system and power supply system. The display [1] module is composed of a dot matrix composed of LED lights and is responsible for luminous display; the control system can display text, pictures, videos and other content on the screen by controlling the corresponding area to turn on and off. The Hengwu card mainly plays animation; The system is responsible for converting the input voltage and current to the voltage and current required by the display.

LED display screen can display changing numbers, text, graphics and images; it can be used not only in indoor environments but also in outdoor environments, and has the incomparable advantages of projectors, TV walls, and LCD screens.

The reason why LED has been widely valued and developed rapidly is inseparable from its own advantages. These advantages can be summed up as: high brightness, low working voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization, long life, impact resistance and stable performance. The development prospect of LED is extremely broad, and it is currently developing in the direction of higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability, and full color.

LED display performance is outstanding:

Strong luminous brightness When direct sunlight hits the screen surface within the visible distance, the display content is clearly visible.

Super grayscale control: With 1024-4096 grayscale control, the display color is above 16.7M, the color is clear and realistic, and the three-dimensional feeling is strong.

Static scanning technology adopts static latch scanning method, high-power drive, fully guarantees the luminous brightness.

Automatic brightness adjustmentWith automatic brightness adjustment function, the best playback effect can be obtained in different brightness environments.

Imported large-scale integrated circuits are fully adopted, which greatly improves reliability and facilitates debugging and maintenance.

Work all-weather, fully adapt to various harsh outdoor environments, anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning-proof, strong overall performance of earthquake resistance, high cost performance, good display performance, pixel barrels can adopt P10mm, P16mm and other specifications.

Advanced digital video processing, technology distributed scanning, modular design/constant current static drive, automatic brightness adjustment, ultra-bright pure color pixels, clear images, no jitter and ghosting, and eliminate distortion. Video, animation, graphics, text, pictures and other information display, network display, remote control

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