Most of the garden landscapes are created by LED linear lights

August 08, 2022

As an LED linear light manufacturer, we know that the LED linear light brand field is indeed not as big as before. The first reason is that there are a large number of people doing it now. Everyone has heard that the LED linear light field can make money. In one area, there are too many products and overcapacity, and no one cares about it. This is one of the small reasons. Another reason is that the price of LED line lights at this stage is very messy. For example, the same LED line lights are likely to have prices far apart, which will also cause all sales markets to be harmed, but there are some LED linear lamp manufacturers that pay too much attention to price, many customers are afraid to buy when they hear the price, and you get what you pay for.

A lot of LED linear lights for light and shadow shows have been installed in scientific research. According to the technology interactive multimedia remote operation, choose suitable light color and chroma matching, and the method of scene blending, fully explore the history and humanities of Nanzheng, use the lighting effects of scientific research, integrate the speakers of the city square, and the music fountain to create a radiance for visitors An ingenious, colorful, ingenious, stunning and magnificent visual and auditory system event.

To detect the flashing status of the lighting fixture, some special tools for electricity measurement can be used to assist in the detection during the period. If the internal electronic components of the lamp arm cannot be seen clearly from the appearance, the lighting fixture must be disassembled for inspection.

Test the light intensity of 3WLED and 35W halogen lamp cups under the same standard. The light intensity of the management center of the LED light source within 3 meters is much higher than that of the halogen lamp cup. In the specific application, the common lighting fixture of the lamp cup is 1-3 meters. It can be easily seen from the figure that the 3W LED linear lamp The actual effect of the lighting fixture is significantly better than the 35W halogen lamp cup. The key is that the halogen lamp cup does not make good use of its lumen value.

(1) Look at the logo on the lighting fixture. Generally, reliable line lamp manufacturers will put a label in front of the original lighting fixture to indicate the actual main parameters of the product. We can look at the application of the line lamp based on the logo. How much is the voltage in volts.

(2) How to do it without a mark? There is no mark on the lighting fixture to indicate how much the working voltage is. If the lighting fixture is transparent glue, you can clearly see the electronic components inside the lamp arm according to its LED The total number of lamp beads, resistors, capacitors and other electronic devices are distinguished, and then the working voltage is increased from low to high.

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