Neon work overview

August 02, 2022

①Most neon lights use cold cathode glow discharge. When the cold cathode is working, the whole lamp basically does not generate heat, and the efficiency of converting electric energy into light energy is high. Its life span is much longer than that of ordinary fluorescent lamps. For example, the quality can be guaranteed from materials, processing to installation. The life span of neon tubes can be as high as 2ooooh -3ooooh, which is not lower than zaooha cold cathode discharge lamps in my country’s local standards. A great advantage is that the number of switching times basically does not affect its life, so it is especially suitable for advertising lamps that need to be switched on and off frequently.
②It relies on positive ions bombarding the cathode to make the cathode emit secondary electrons to maintain the discharge, so a certain cathode potential drop is needed to accelerate the positive ions to provide energy, and the cathode potential drop is about 100V—200V.
③In order to ensure the discharge in the normal glow discharge area and no large cathode sputtering occurs during operation, the cathode needs to have a large enough area, otherwise the cathode current density will exceed the cathode position due to the large current flowing. Decrease and increase, become abnormal glow discharge, aggravate the cathode sputtering and shorten the life of the lamp tube.
④ When possible, the neon tube should be as long as possible, with a smaller inner diameter, and try to increase the ratio of the pressure drop in the positive column area to the total pressure drop of the tube to improve the light efficiency.
⑤In order to ignite the neon tube smoothly and work stably at a lower voltage, a high-voltage transformer must be equipped (mostly magnetic leakage type, but because it is bulky and consumes a lot of power, it will gradually be replaced by electronic type) and make reasonable matching to save engineering cost .
⑥Neon lights use alternating current to work, so the two electrodes alternately serve as cathodes and anodes, and the area distribution of their glow discharge also alternates in the order direction. Due to the persistence of human vision, it can be seen that the glow is evenly spread over the entire tube. The luminous effect is much more ideal than using direct current. Therefore, the two electrodes should be as consistent as possible from material to processing.
⑦Because the neon lamp is a vacuum electric light source, it is necessary to pay attention to vacuum hygiene during the whole production process. The materials and production are strictly in accordance with the requirements of electric vacuum technology, so as to ensure the quality.

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