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Outdoor led advertising large screen, the advantages of outdoor LED display

February 21, 2022

1. The outdoor LED display is equipped with a lighting control system, which is no longer a fixed brightness mode, but can adjust the brightness of the screen according to changes in the environment, which greatly reduces the operating cost and makes it easier for the audience to accept; added in the design The brightness and color point-by-point correction function makes the outdoor LED display rich in color, with high brightness and gray level, so that the image of the outdoor LED display is more realistic and meets the high requirements of commercial applications for visual quality.

2. The outdoor LED display with optical transmission system can effectively reduce the signal delay and ensure the consistency of image playback. The outdoor LED display has dual network cable hot backup function.

3. Two computers control one screen at the same time. When there is a problem with one computer, the other computer will automatically take over the screen to ensure normal display; the LED video control system adopts a double backup system. Once the user fails, he can immediately switch to the backup system.

4. The outdoor LED display has the functions of waterproof, shockproof and lightning protection, so that the outdoor LED display can work normally in rainy days. Using the remote control to control the user’s mouse click operation, you can easily replace the screen information and realize the networked display of urban and regional advertisements. The outdoor LED display adopts a pre-maintenance design, which is convenient for later maintenance.

5. The outdoor LED display is light and practical in appearance and has a creative appearance. The outdoor LED display is mainly used for brand communication and publicity. Converting a static screen to a “mobile screen” is very appealing.

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