Several advantages of LED flash in mobile phone applications

September 06, 2021

Almost all camera phones nowadays can be used as digital cameras. Of course, users want to take high-quality photos even in low-light conditions. Therefore, the camera phone needs to add an illumination light source and does not quickly drain the phone battery. Start to appear. White LEDs are widely used as camera flashes in camera phones. There are now two digital camera flashes to choose from: xenon flash tubes and white light LEDs. Xenon flash is widely used in film cameras and independent digital cameras because of its high brightness and white light. Most camera phones have chosen white LED lighting.

1. The strobe speed of LED is faster than any light source

LED is a current-driven device, and its light output is determined by the forward current passed. The strobe speed of LED is faster than any other light source, including xenon flash lamp, which has a very short rise time, ranging from 10ns to 100ns. The lighting quality of white LEDs is now comparable to that of cool white fluorescent lamps, and the color performance index is close to 85.

2. LED flash has lower power consumption

Compared with xenon flash lamps, LED flash lamps have lower power consumption. In flashlight applications, a pulse current with a small duty cycle can be used to drive the LED. This allows the current and the light output generated by the current to increase significantly during the actual pulse, while still keeping the average current level and power consumption of the LED within its safe rating.

3. The LED drive circuit occupies a small space and electromagnetic interference (EMI) is small

4. LED flash can be used as continuous light source

Due to the characteristics of LED lights, it can be used for mobile phone imaging applications and flashlight functions.

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