skills of full-color LED display

November 02, 2021

In the daily use of the full-color led display, if some problems can be noticed and some misunderstandings can be avoided, it will be more conducive to prolong the service life of the full-color led display, and further ensure the durability and reliability of the full-color led display in use sex. The following are the maintenance tips for common full-color LED displays:

1. The full-color LED display control computer and other related equipment should be placed in an air-conditioned and dusty room to ensure the ventilation, heat dissipation and stable operation of the computer. It must have a stable power supply and good grounding protection, and it cannot be used under severe natural conditions, especially thunderstorms.

2. The use of water, iron powder and other conductive metal products is prohibited for full-color LED displays. The full-color LED display should be placed in a low-dust environment as much as possible. Dust affects the display effect, too much dust will damage the circuit. If water enters for any reason, please cut off the power immediately and contact maintenance personnel until the full-color LED display is dry.

3. The full-color LED display should not be placed in full-white, full-red, full-green, full-blue and other full-bright images for a long time, so as to avoid excessive current, excessive heating of the power supply, damage to the LED bulb, and affect the life of the screen. Please do not disassemble or splice the screen! The surface of the large screen of the full-color led display can be wiped with alcohol or with a brush or vacuum cleaner instead of directly using a damp cloth.

4. The normal operation and line loss of the full-color LED display should be checked regularly. If there is a fault, it should be replaced in time, and if the circuit is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Non-professionals are not allowed to touch the internal circuit of the display to avoid electric shock or damage the circuit of the full-color LED display; if there is a problem, please check and repair it by a professional.

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