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Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display

October 19, 2020

1.High-precision CNC processing, easy to achieve seamless splicing. When used in a remote video conference, the character's face will not be split. When displaying WORD, EXCEL, PPT and other files, there will be no confusion between patchwork and table separators, resulting in misreading of the content.

2 Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display (1)

2.Cabinet size: 600x337.5mm
Light and thin

3. the color and brightness of the entire led screen are consistent

Modular combination can realize point-by-point proofreading. After a long time of use, there will be no inconsistencies in color and brightness between modules.

4. the brightness adjustable range is large

The small pixel pitchhd led screencan usually adjust its brightness in a larger range. Regardless of whether it is in a bright environment or a dark environment, the led display can be displayed normally by adjusting. Coupled with low-brightness and high-gray technology, high-definition can also be achieved at low brightness.

5. the adjustable range of color temperature is large

Similarly, thefine pixel pitch led screen can adjust the color temperature of the screen in a larger range. For applications that require high color accuracy, such as studio, virtual simulation, medical, meteorology and other fields can ensure the accurate restoration of images.
6. wide viewing angle

HD small pixel pitch led displays usually have a wide viewing angle of nearly 180 掳, which can meet the needs of large-scale conference rooms and conference halls for long-distance and side viewing.

7. high contrast, high refresh
Low brightness and high gray, high refresh rate 3840 Hz.

8. Ultra-thin
Compared with traditional DLP and projection, the fine pixel pitch led display is thinner and saves space. In the same size, it is more convenient to ship than LCD.

9. long lifespan

Usually has a service life of 100,000+ hours, which can effectively reduce maintenance costs.

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