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The composition of the LED display system

December 24, 2020

1. The metal structure frame is used to form the inner frame, carrying various circuit boards such as display unit boards or modules, and switching power supplies

2. Display unit: It is the main part of the LED display screen, composed of LED lights and drive circuits. Indoor screens are unit display boards of various specifications, and outdoor screens are modular cabinets.

3. Scanning control board: The function of this circuit board is data buffering, generating various scanning signals and duty cycle gray control signals.

4. Switching power supply: convert 220V alternating current into various direct currents and provide them to various circuits.

5. Transmission cable: The display data and various control signals generated by the main controller are transmitted to the screen by a twisted pair cable.

6. Main controller: buffer the input RGB digital video signal, transform and reorganize the gray scale, and generate various control signals.

7. Dedicated display card and multimedia card: In addition to the basic functions of a computer display card, it also outputs digital RGB signals, line, field, and blanking signals to the main controller at the same time. In addition to the above functions, multimedia can also convert the input analog Video signal into a digital RGB signal (ie, video capture).

8. Computer and its peripherals

Analysis of main function modules

1. Video broadcast

Through multimedia video control technology and VGA synchronization technology, various forms of video information sources can be easily introduced into the computer network system, such as broadcast TV and satellite TV signals, camera video signals, VCD video signals of recorders, computer animation information, etc. Realize the following functions:

Support VGA display, display various computer information, graphics, and images.

Support a variety of input methods; support PAL, NTSC and other formats.

Real-time display of color video images to achieve live broadcast.

Rebroadcast radio, satellite and cable TV signals.

Real-time playback of video signals such as TV, camera, and DVD (VCR, VCD, DVD, LD).

It has the function of simultaneously playing different ratios of left and right images and text

2. Computer broadcast

Graphic special display function: It has the functions of editing, zooming, flowing, and animation to the graphic.

Display all kinds of computer information, graphics, images and 2, 3 dimensional computer animation and superimpose text.

The broadcast system is equipped with multimedia software, which can flexibly input and broadcast a variety of information.

There are a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from, and you can also enter English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Russian, Japanese and other languages.

There are multiple broadcast methods, such as: single/multi-line pan, single/multi-line up/down, left/right pull, up/down, rotation, stepless zoom, etc.

Announcements, announcements, announcements, and news editing, and playback are immediately released, and there are a variety of fonts to choose from.

3. Network function

Equipped with a standard network interface, it can be connected to other standard networks (information query system, municipal publicity network system, etc.).

Collect and broadcast real-time data from various databases to realize remote network control.

Access to the Internet through the network system

With a sound interface, it can be connected to audio equipment to achieve sound and image synchronization.

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