The difference between static and scanning indoor led full-color display

November 10, 2021

1. When displaying text, images and videos on the indoor LED full-color display, if the lights on the indoor LED full-color display are on at the same time, the display is a static screen. When scanning with the indoor LED full-color display light source, the visual temporary residual characteristics of the human eye will illuminate each line of the LED display in a short time and display the scanned image.

2. Since the indoor LED full-color display is driven by the spatial ratio, the brightness of the indoor LED full-color display is closely related to the lighting time. Therefore, outdoor display screens are generally static, and indoor LED full-color display screens are mostly scanning screens. But now many outdoor LED full-color displays have scanning displays. Due to the maturity of the LED material technology, the brightness of the LED is sufficiently high. To save money, people scan screens outdoors. However, outdoor scanning boards have higher requirements for control and drive components, and drive chips also have certain requirements.

(1) Static display drive: Static display drive is also called DC drive. Electrostatic drive means that the single-chip microcomputer drives each coded pipe section through the I/O port. The advantages of the electrostatic drive are high display brightness, simple programming, and many I/O ports. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the drive and increase the complexity of the hardware circuit in practical applications.

(2) Dynamic display drive: The dynamic display interface of the nixie tube is one of the most widely used display modes of the single-chip microcomputer. The dynamic drive mode of the nixie tube is a, b, c, d, e, f, g, and the terminal control circuit is attached. To the universal terminal COM of each digital tube.

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