The installation method and precautions of LED display

January 12, 2022

With the continuous development of science and technology, LED display screens have gradually entered people’s sight. Many families have installed LED display screens, and there are even very large display screens in large shopping malls. Today we mainly talk about the installation of LED display.

There are two ways to install LED displays, the first is outdoor installation, and the second is indoor installation. The LED display is usually a full-color screen, and its monochromatic screen has a relatively small screen area. It is usually the most important thing to display text. This is a small LED screen. What are the main installation methods for LED large screens?

How to install the large LED screen.

There are also many installation methods for LED large screens, such as column type, mosaic type, roof base type and so on. No matter which method is used to install, we must first find the fulcrum of the installation and see where its fulcrum is. Some LED displays are mounted on the wall, and some are column-shaped. Its styles are various, so the installation methods are also various. If you want to install a hanging LED display, you must build a bridge on the base and hang the LED display on it. No matter which installation method is used, we must pay attention to waterproof measures to prevent water from entering.

What should I pay attention to when installing a large LED screen?

The first thing we should pay attention to when installing a large LED screen is rain. We must do a waterproof test first to prevent rainwater from entering the LED screen and causing damage to the devices inside. We also need to understand its temperature limit to avoid short circuits during use, and another point is its beauty. First of all, to install the large LED screen, we must see if it is in harmony with the surroundings.

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