The LED electronic large screen market is still optimistic in the next ten years

June 28, 2021

The LED large screen market is still optimistic in the next ten years. Terence Electronics is full of confidence in this. As the leader of LED displays in Shenzhen, Terence has a keen sense of smell and trend awareness! It is expected that there will be a blowout in the next two to three years! Now understand the past and present of my country’s LED large screens, and look forward to a bright future!

Relatively speaking, my country’s LED large screen has always maintained the world’s advanced level. Since the early 1990s, my country’s LED industry has become equipped with mature 16-level gray 256-color video control technology and wireless remote control and other international advanced technology. It has also been at the leading level in terms of full-color LED display, 256-level gray-scale video control technology, cluster wireless control, and multi-level group control technology. Strong R&D capabilities have also promoted the maturity of technology, which in turn has led to a continuous decline in product prices.

Although the performance of the international economic situation in 2009 was not satisfactory, the domestic market was still optimistic by many people, especially driven by the 4 trillion investment plan, the LED large-screen display industry also showed new vitality. So far, LED large screens are not only patents for large-scale places such as control rooms and command rooms, but more and more sound and shadow appear in shopping malls, exhibition halls, and buildings.

Projector and LED add a lot to the Olympic Games

Of course, with the increase in the application range and places of large LED screens, users have also put forward higher requirements for large LED screens. In addition to the traditional stability requirements of the output, how to achieve a better integration between the large LED screen and other products and simplify the user’s operation have also become new problems for manufacturers.

Although LED large screens are no longer a new product, the real application and popularization is indeed a fact that only happened in recent years. Although the LED industry is not so profitable as the legendary, but with the direction of product application and the advancement of the market, the LED large-screen display industry will welcome the real spring in the near future.

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