The LED flood light is not bright and flickering must be a problem in these aspects

May 27, 2022

The reason why the LED flood light is not bright and flickering may be mainly caused by welding, power quality, light source, etc. LED flood lights are high-power LED products, and good quality manufacturers will pass strict burn-in tests before delivery to ensure they are good products in the hands of consumers.

1. The solder joints of virtual welding lead to no power supply:

The integrated lamp beads inside the LED floodlight are connected by two wires. Whether the lamp beads are soldered, the solder joints connected to the power input line may be loose or disconnected. Check whether the driver connection line is damaged.

2. The LED flood light source is broken:

(1) When looking at the LED flood light, there is a black spot at the position of the sealant. The black spot is caused by two reasons. The first is the long use time, and the temperature of the lamp bead is formed by high temperature glue and phosphor powder. , and another reason is the high current power supply (this is the unstable power supply, it is likely that the quality of the light source is poor), the open circuit or necrosis caused by the lamp bead itself, etc.

(2) Poor heat dissipation of the emitter light source will also cause serious attenuation or burnout of the light source. The waterproofness of LED lamps is not good. If water is immersed, the water in the lamp will cause the lamp beads to burn out.

(3) If the housing is in good condition, the lamp beads can still be replaced, but you need to know the power, voltage and other parameters of the power supply and match the light source.

(4) Regarding the power supply and light source, if the LED flood light is slightly illuminated, it may be that the power supply is damaged or the light source is damaged, and a multimeter should be used for special measurement.

(5) If the LED flood light does not light up as it was when it was just purchased after a period of use, the quality of the light source is poor and the light is seriously deteriorated. The longer it is used, the darker it will become.

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