The use of electronic display environment

June 07, 2021

In recent years, LED electronic displays have been widely used in energy, electricity, traffic dispatch centers, education, water conservancy, government agencies and many other fields, but it also allows us to see a broad development space for LED electronic displays to increase the industry’s market. Share.

LED electronic displays currently attach great importance to the details of the screen, and require very high requirements for the details of each project. The seamless splicing technology is constantly improving, and their display effects are very good to ensure the perfection of the final display effect.

From the process of using LED electronic display, dust protection is also a very important part of the process. How to achieve better dust resistance is a very important aspect of LED electronic display technology upgrade.

There are many optical components in the LED electronic display. During our use, there will be a lot of dust in the air, and then enter the inside of the machine through some small gaps, which will affect the normal operation of the entire screen optical machine. The optical components are dust. We can’t underestimate the fragile part and the hazard of dust to optical components. Sometimes a small amount of dust can bring fatal damage to our machines.

Too much dust will reduce the brightness of our screen. If the LED electronic display is installed in a dusty environment, generally there will be more dust and dust, which will reduce the brightness by 30%. If it is serious, it may cause the screen The brightness is reduced by 70%, so we must find a way to make our system less dusty during operation. If there is dust, we must remove it through the correct method as soon as possible.

The effect of dust on the color wheel, in the screen display, 7200 RPM per minute is generated during the operation of the color wheel. Accumulation of a large amount of dust will make the color wheel speed uneven, causing the image display color shift.

Because dust has such a great impact on our entire large-screen system, we must pay special attention to the operating environment of the LED electronic display.

Not only the LED electronic display industry, the order of public management and innovation in the various production sectors in the social field and even in the society is a very important factor. Only by insisting on innovation, new developments in products and technologies have made it possible to make enterprises And industry in order to achieve long-term progress and development.

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