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Three attention to details of the correct purchase of LED electronic displays

July 19, 2021

1. LED lights

For LED electronic displays, the LCD tube can be said to be the top priority in the entire display device, and its cost can generally account for half or even 70% of the cost. Therefore, usually when the construction party lists the plan to the customer, they will also write the configuration of the display equipment and so on. This generally includes the brand, size, and related products of the die. Hey, actually speaking of this, the first mystery appeared. For the die on the market today, although the function may not be much worse. But the prices of different brands are quite different. Therefore, when understanding the solution, it doesn’t matter whether it depends on the configuration. We also need to carefully study the brand characteristics.

2. LED display steel structure

For the display structure, its proportion in the overall cost is basically the same as the driving method. But in the configuration of the equipment, there is also a wealth of knowledge. For example, on the cabinet of the device, some devices are simplecabinets, and some seem to be simple but waterproof cabinets. For different types, their differences are mainly reflected in whether they have a back door and the thickness of the box.

In addition, in the choice of structure, there are many differences between whether to choose modular splicing or the light board directly fixed on the box board. If it is a modular type, because it is more convenient to disassemble, so it is more convenient to repair. If the box plate is directly fixed, it is obviously difficult to maintain the equipment.

3. After-sales service

After-sales service for LED display equipment is often the most overlooked place. Maybe a lot of users will think that the things are adjusted and they are ready, and they also need to look at the after-sales service. And sometimes when I listen to the dealers flicking, if our equipment is good, after-sales is basically a display of clouds and clouds. Therefore, I regard the after-sales service as a decoration. But in fact, due to the troublesome LED disassembly and high technical content, it is obviously more important than ordinary electrical equipment in the after-sales link. Nowadays, many manufacturers promise to have long after-sales service, but most of them send equipment faulty parts back to the manufacturer for repair. We will not comment on the scale of these manufacturers, but for users, if we can find the defective points and deal with it ourselves, Do we still have to send it back? Isn’t this kind of promise?

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