Transparent LED display

January 07, 2021

In recent years, the LED display industry has developed rapidly. In addition to helping businesses display advertisements, LED displays have enhanced corporate brand value and brought more potential customers. It has also contributed greatly to helping many cities build landmark buildings. It has to be said that in the past two years, the series of LED displays-transparent LED displays dominate in many application fields, and has become an Internet celebrity in many fields, gradually being recognized by the market.

The transparent LED display is an innovative breakthrough on the basis of the LED display, giving the display more colorful functions. The editor of Guangcai Zhixin analyzes the breakthrough of the LED transparent screen from several aspects:

1. The transparency of the LED transparent screen is as high as 90% or more. It is installed indoors without changing the original appearance of the building. The screen presents a three-dimensional sense of space, and things and the display screen are completely integrated. There is an instant sense of “people in the screen, screen in the people”.

2. The contrast ratio of the LED transparent screen can reach 1500:1, the color is bright, and the image effect is more realistic than ordinary display screens.

3. Since the LED transparent screen is a large-area display, it adopts a modular design and DIY assembly of giant screens, which can realize 160-degree multi-angle viewing, which is good for every wonderful picture in the country. It is difficult for ordinary display screens to do this.

4. The safety before and after the transparent installation of the LED is guaranteed. If the ordinary display screen is hoisted with a large LED screen, the bottom of the screen is very unsafe, and it is easy to fall off and hurt people and damage. However, the screen body material of the LED transparent screen has been upgraded, and the entire screen body is lighter and thinner, and the rope lock used for hoisting is made of good material, which can carry more weight.

5. The transparent led display has a wide range of applications, such as landmark building curtain walls, shopping malls, glass windows, exhibitions, stages, TV stations and so on. LED transparent screen is one of the display products, although the price makes a small number of users prohibitive. But it did not hinder most users’ desire to purchase. LED transparent screens are subdivided into many fields according to products, technologies, components, displays, size requirements, and application scenarios, which have really helped many growing and mature companies to enhance their brand image and attract more potential customers.

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