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UL certified AC light source module

July 04, 2022

UL-certified AC light source module can carry out the maximum optical design, heat dissipation design, shape, size design and interface standardization design according to any form of application. Through the above design, the standardized combination of lamps and lanterns in different application places can be realized, and it is convenient to use. And according to the function of the replaceable module according to the life, the user’s cost is reduced to a large extent. The color rendering index (the ability of the light source to reproduce the true color) is one of the three important indicators to measure the quality of the white light source, and it is also an important standard to measure the health of the LED light source module, and its position in the various indicators in the lighting field is particularly obvious. .

Instructions for use:

1. At this stage, the light source using luminous characters is mainly LED three-lamp, five-lamp, and six-lamp light source modules with conventional settings and input voltages of DC12V. The DC12V output through a constant voltage switching power supply is required as the power supply, so Note that if there is no switching power supply installed when installing the luminous characters, do not directly connect the luminous characters or UL certified AC light source module to the mains AC 220V, otherwise the LED light source will be burned out due to the high voltage.

2. In order to avoid long-term full-load operation of the switching power supply, the power of the switching power supply and the LED load is preferably 1:0.8. According to this configuration, the service life of the product will be more secure and lasting.

3. If there are more than 25 groups of modules, they should be connected separately, and then connected to the light box body by high-quality copper core wires larger than 1.5 square millimeters in parallel. The length of the power cord should be as short as possible, if it exceeds 3 meters, it must be appropriate. Increase the wire diameter. In order to avoid short circuits, the unused wires at the end of the module must be cut and pasted firmly. If necessary, use self-tapping screws to fix the non-waterproof series. For outdoor use, the groove type must be waterproof.

4. To have sufficient brightness, the distance between the UL certified AC light source module and the visible brightness needs to be between 3 and 6 cm, and the thickness of the characters can be between 5 and 15 cm.

5. In the process of using UL certified AC light source module, we must pay attention to the problem of voltage drop. Don’t just make one loop, connect the end in series from the beginning. Doing so will not only cause inconsistent brightness between the end and the end due to the different voltages, but also cause the problem of burning the circuit board due to excessive single-channel current. The correct approach is to connect as many loops in parallel as possible to ensure a reasonable distribution of voltage and current.

6. If anti-corrosion materials are used inside the cavity, use a white primer as much as possible to increase its reflection coefficient.

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